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Writing a good CV

  • Taking time to prepare a good CV is the best way to make sure recruiters sit up and take notice of your application immediately.
  • We have put together some suggestions to help you impress employers on paper as much as you intend to at the interview stage.

Tips for a good CV or resume:

  • Keep it concise, precise and effective
  • It’s best to keep a resume to a maximum of 3 pages. Some professionals with academic degrees may have lengthier resumes – but they can have a truncated version and an extended version to use as needed.
  • It’s important to keep your most updated contact information so that recruiters can easily reach you.
  • As much as possible, describe the effects and results of your activities, rather than list out your tasks.
  • Be truthful in your descriptions and do not exaggerate your experiences.  Interviewers are likely to ask about your experiences summarized in your resume, therefore any significant discrepancies or inconsistencies that arise during your interview, would cause at least some awkwardness during the interview.  
  • Resumes rich with job experiences are more attractive than those without, so if you do not have any, find a place where you can do some volunteer work.
  • It’s important that you tailor your resume to suit the description of the job of interest. You can do this by doing a little research on the company, and emphasize your strengths, in other words, what the employer is looking for.
  • As much as possible, fill every period with an activity to avoid leaving gaps or idle periods in your resume.
  • Pay close attention to formatting and presentation of your resume as this speaks volumes about your attention to detail.
  • Proofread your work and ask for a second opinion to eliminate any slips or errors.
  • Make your resume look attractive enough to be read by whoever picks it. The texts should be appropriately spaced up to allow easy reading.

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