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Interview tips and questions

Interviewing Tips

Interviewing is the opportunity for the candidate and the employer to assess each other.  It is usually the case that the employer has the upper hand because of sheer dynamics of supply and demand of labor.   Especially in today’s job market where the balance is favorably skewed to the employer, the candidate must ensure that s/he develops the artful skill of interviewing well.  There are more qualified candidates pursuing fewer jobs, so the competition is tight.  The interview is the chance to not only demonstrate that you can get the job done, but also to show that your prospective employer will enjoy working with you, and would want you as part of his/her team.   If you have heard the following interview tips several times before, it is actually because they are important – know them before your attend your interview.

  • Go over your resume and ensure that you can explain and elaborate your experiences.
  • Know the prospective employer and the industry - get information from the employer’s website and research recent news articles about it, if applicable.
  • Prepare to arrive at least 15-30 minutes early.  This will help you to relax and avoid any unexpected delays. 
  • Dress appropriately.  When in doubt about how to dress, it’s prudent to be conservative. 
  • Be ready to provide practical examples and answers drawn from your experience, not theoretical or hypothetical.
  • When discussing challenges or problems you have encountered, always finish off with a proposed solution to the problems.  This demonstrates that you take initiative and possess problem solving abilities.
  • Be confident and friendly. Do not drift off mid-sentence or appear unsure, unless you truly are.   If you do not know the answer to a question, it may be better just say so, but with some finesse and tact.
  • Prior to the interview, anticipate questions and practice coherent and comprehensible answers to them.  For instance, if there is a 1 year gap in your work experience that isn’t explained in your resume, be prepared to explain it if questioned. Perhaps you have worked with 3 employers in a very short period - anticipate such related questions.
  • Be positive and confident. 

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